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The Holy Theatre produces plays and other gatherings that leave people feeling nourished, connected, and more able to be brave. The art we create, and dream of creating, is numinous, life-affirming, truthful, warm, and humane.



We believe that our first responsibility is to our colleagues — to the artists, technicians, and other professionals who contribute their labor to The Holy Theatre. While we certainly aim to serve our audience as well, it is our conviction that those closest to the work must come first. Our reasons for this are not only ethical but pragmatic: we believe that nourishing art, such as we seek to make, cannot be brought about by exploitation or behind-the-scenes violence. 


We are committed to creating a workplace that is free and safe for all; and in this commitment, we recognize a need for particular attention to the rights of those with marginalized identities. We reject white supremacy, patriarchy, and the other ideologies of oppression. We respect ourselves and one another, unequivocally.



The Holy Theatre is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our EIN is 88-0532740; our Board of Trustees consists of Georgie Castilla, Jennyvi Dizon, Sarah Rose Kearns, Elise Pallay, Lisa Tagliaferri, Jesus Ward, Yoly Ward-Zululeta, and Lena Yasutake.

Sarah Rose Kearns is the Founding Artistic Director and Resident Playwright of The Holy Theatre, which she created in 2022 as a space to share her work, build community, support other artists, and explore the potential of the form. She is a writer and performer from central Illinois, now living just outside New York City. A longtime devotee of Jane Austen, Rose is the author of ​two Austen-related plays — Persuasion and Manydown — with a third currently in progress. Persuasion, a full-length adaptation of the Austen novel of the same title, debuted off-Broadway in 2021. She is now working with a wonderful new team to bring forth a second off-Broadway production, set to be directed by Rán Xià and co-produced by The Holy Theatre in association with Ebony Vines and The Warwick Institute of Culture.

For more information about Rose and her work, please visit

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